The advanced services developed by ACTISA are framed in the field of digitalisation and innovation in the Civil Engineering, Transport and Architecture sector.

The company has carried out and continues to carry out work for clients in the public and private sectors which involves the solution of specific problems, generally of considerable complexity, and for which the application of conventional techniques or tools is not useful.

These problems concern the field of design, construction, planning and/or operation of services, and require specific solutions that make it possible to automate the obtaining of results for a specific spectrum of situations, so that the solutions obtained reach a very high level of technological maturity.

The advanced services developed by ACTISA are therefore of great value to its clients, as they provide a response to the problems they pose.

The company signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for the work it develops in order to guarantee full intellectual property rights for its clients and the competitive advantages they generate.

Some of these services use software tools or patents exploited by ACTISA, other services require the development of new software solutions or new patents that will become the property of our clients.

The tasks that the company has developed as advanced or technological services are very diverse, finding examples that have allowed the optimisation of investment or construction in infrastructures while achieving an improvement in the design of the same, or have managed to reduce operating costs in services such as public transport with a simultaneous improvement in the quality of service, or have facilitated the creation of new solutions not existing in the market in the field of the design of new structural solutions, or have allowed the automation of tasks in the management and planning of infrastructures or in their maintenance, etc…


Technological products

Civil Works, Transport and Architecture Consultancy