ACTISA is committed to innovation in two clearly differentiated fields:

  • On the one hand, in modular construction, where it has five patents. The solutions developed make it possible to streamline construction processes, reduce costs and maximise efficiency. These are structural and paving solutions. In addition, within the modular paving solutions, the company has developed the solar tile, which combines functionality and sustainability by providing clean energy.
  • On the other hand, the company is committed to the development of software based on artificial intelligence that is applied to the design, conception of infrastructures, artificial vision and precise positioning, as well as to the optimisation of transport and sustainable transport in the field of Smartcities.

The smart solar tile combines both lines of development in R&D&I, as it combines modularity and intelligence, making it ideal for the new challenges of the smart city.


IMB, industrial modular building

Removable in-situ or prefabricated floorings

Infillable caisson walls

Slab without formwork


The intelligent solar tile is an evolution of the conventional solar tile invented and patented by Actisa.

The inclusion of microhardware makes it possible to provide the solar tile with intelligence with the main intention of enabling information and communication functions.

The main applications of the smart solar tile are as follows:



GELA, "Efficient Bus Line Management".

Enables the optimisation of bus line operating costs while proposing an improved service. It has been applied since 2015 in the optimisation of concessions in Andalusia.


IRMAPP, Intelligent Route Management Application

A system that includes a mobile application for Android and iOS that provides route information, real-time transport network alerts and suggestions for carpooling, taxi sharing, public transport and commercial information.


TADIL Road y TADIL Railway

This software allows to obtain automatically the design of linear infrastructures calculated in accordance with the regulations and providing the plan, longitudinal profile and sections, costs, budget, earthworks balance, profitability and multi-criteria evaluation. The profitability study allows the evaluation of the proposal taking into account public, private or even public-private investment. All in a flash!


DITEL, Intelligent Design of Tunnels and Linear Structures

It is the perfect complement to the TADIL software. It allows the complete geometric design of tunnels and viaducts considering different typologies, cross section, longitudinal profile and terrain.


CADIOP. (Combined, Automatic Dynamic Indoor and Outdoor Positioning) y VVOS, (Virtual Vision On Site)

They allow the visualisation of virtual objects geopositioned according to the user’s location. In addition to visualising works before their construction in situ, they can create audiovisual guides in monumental, museum or city environments.


Advanced Services

Civil works, transport and architecture consultancy